Everyone, when New Year is coming, make a list of resolutions. Probably nobody of their is able to complete every resolution in the New Year, or probably someone complete just 1 or 2 of it. But...

...one thing is really true...

If you're reading this article, you're one of that people that make New Year's resolutions, and I think that your top resolution for this year is to lose weight!

Oh I Know!... it isn't the first year you make it. You don't tell me something new, but I've a good news for you: I was like you.

Don't worry! Before telling you that you must avoid cakes, sugar and junk food, i will tell you who I am, why I understand you and your problems and how I fight the struggles of my life.

I was born on July 20, 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio. From the beginning, my body was destined to be fat, but I'll talk later.

When I was 7, my parents decided to move to Columbus for work. My mother has always been a sedentary housewife; my father, on the other hand, was an employee on behalf of a multinational company. His work did not pay much, and the continuous movements did not allow us to live a regular and healthy life.

Because of our robust constitution by nature and a wrong diet, my brother and I found ourselves living an out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle.
During my childhood, I was surrounded by health problems. All of my uncles on my mother's side were overweight, which led them all to do continuous medical checkups. The situation of general overweight, was also reflected on my father, who was not robust by constitution, began to suffer the effects of unruliness.

This meant that my brother and I would not have lived a healthy lifestyle..
I was 25 when my brother and I decided to move back to Cleveland from our friends.

Things had changed, we had changed.

We arrive in the city, and here I am ...

The second floor of a modest suburban building. But instead of arranging suitcases and getting ready to go out and get old friends ...

... I'm staring at the mirror in my room, wondering why I don't recognize my image in there.

... the fridge is inviting ..

But I'm not here to continue to gorge myself. I'm here to show my friends the man I've become ...

or better...

the man I had stupidly ruined with fried, pizzas and beers at will.
I thought...

What judgment will others have of me?
They have a healthy lifestyle, they practice sports and they go out with beautiful girls, what will they say when they see me? What will I have to tell them?
so I decided not to go out, except to work

it was a while, but ...

after being locked up in that bloody house for 10 long years to gobble up junk food in front of the TV and feel guilty for doing so, it was time to tackle the problem.

The journey I was about to start was a long emotional journey full of obstacles..
I got up from my beloved chair and went into that damn room where there was that damn mirror, in which I now saw a determined and motivated man. I take the computer and begin to research all the possible remedies to my situation.

My brother was sitting on the bed and looking at me in disbelief, he didn't understand what was happening. A thin thread of light filtered through the window, barely lighting the room

I didn't give weight ...

I was sitting with curved shoulders and stared at the computer as if there was nothing else in the room

"What happen?"..

My brother asked me on the other side of the room. I didn't answer him. I was focused on a web page that talked about a natural product, which, combined with a healthy diet and exercise, could give you excellent results in a short time.

The same product was explained in a tv show from Dr. Oz. He talked about the product and its benefits.

That episode was linked to that site. that episode had illuminated my eyes. That episode had given me the confirmation that it was the right path to take.

After I placed the order very carefully, I got up, I explained to my brother what it was and I asked him to start this adventure together.

Now I had a smile on my face, I never had one like it.

I could see my brother's skepticism from a mile away.

It was a surreal situation ..

The emotion that most felt in that room was the happiness of having found what I had been looking for.
A few days later,...

a man in a hat and a blue uniform rang at my door. I was anxious ... I had just brought the package I had ordered a few days before ..

As I opened it, I felt very comfortable, I felt a strange sense of calm that I will never forget.
I began to comb through the reports included in the order, concerning healthy life and programs to follow.

I felt lighter, I felt that I was going to throw in the basket that huge Nick, who labored to move from one room to another, and who had always lived a wild life.

It was March 4, 2015 and I did not know what would happen ...
Finally we start, the first day of healthy life.

I'm still sitting on the bed when I take my beautiful plastic cup, yellow daisy, and I take my first dose of Garcinia Cambogia. Another glass of water and then immediately in the bathroom to get ready.

The dossiers talked about healthy eating, routine, metabolism, and following the free membership we talked about physical exercises to be performed every day for faster results.

I've never done it before ...

I've never been constant ..

I do not want others to see me as I walk through the streets tired ...

On the other hand, what to expect from someone who has lost 10 years of his life indoors at home eating ..

... it was time to change, fear had to be dealt with.

Tracksuit, hat and down the stairs. Let the walk begin.

Things did not start easily. I did not know when I would have seen the first results and this would throw me down, kill my routine.

I admit...

I did not do the physical exercises every day, I was a bit lazy, and sometimes even escaped some more cake. But I have never stopped taking Garcinia Cambogia.
The next two years were fantastic ...

I went over, I put my soul over the obstacle and I continued doing those damn exercises while I was consuming my product.

In some ways, things were working for me. I needed to lose 30kg and after 4 weeks I had already lost 8kg. I made a further decision ...

... I would not have looked at the scale for the next 10 months, and wrote the 30kg target on a piece of paper.
I read many books on how to set goals in life and from those concepts I developed my routine, which now represents the "To Do List" that changed my life.
  • I woke up at 7 am and stared at that 30kg goal written on paper.
  • Immediately afterwards I took my glass of water a Garcinia Cambogia pill
  • Another nice glass of water
  • 8 am out of the house for a nice 40 minute walk
  • I drank 3 liters of water a day
  • I used to take Garcinia Cambogia regularly 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals.
because it was the only thing I could do to change the situation.
What happened next changed everything. Forever. I thought big, much bigger.

It was the 10th month, the moment of truth ..

Usual routine, glass of water, Garcinia Cambogia, another glass of water and walk ...

... back from the walk I decided to check the results obtained on that damn scale.

I did not expect great results. To have lost 15kg would have been a miracle ... I thought ...

So, I turn on the scales, I get on with both feet, and fix it.
Incredulous image just seen, I call my brother for a confirmation.

They were the most beautiful words I've ever heard, the nicest numbers I've ever seen.
I still have goose bumps when I look at the picture of the scale, because it was the result of having had the courage to change.

At that time, the scale marked 78,10kg, well 30kg less ....

... I was not convinced, I did not know what to think. But the mirror gave me the confirmation that the scale was not wrong and that I had been repaid of my sacrifices.

Now, let me show you how you can get your results
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  • In pregnancy and lactation
  • In the presence of degenerative Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia (garcinia can increase brain synthesis of acetylcholine)
  • For those suffering from diabetes mellitus (especially in pharmacological therapy)
  • For those suffering from liver disease
  • In the presence of hypersensitivity or specific allergy.
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